The Company

Intercommunal Cooperative Products OrtoFrutticoli, in one word: CIPOF.

Since 1963, CIPOF has been bringing together production partners of the main fruit and vegetable productions (mainly pears and apples) of the Modena area of San Possidonio and surrounding areas.

The main productions are Pere and Mele.

CIPOF structures are able to store, in perfect conditions, in cold stores over 80.000 quintals of fruit.

From Pera to Balsamico Pera

From the pears of the Modena area, wealth rooted in the land and cultivated by culture, the Balsamico Pera is born, delicacy for the palate and treasure of flavors

From Apple to Balsamic Apple

The Apples of the Modena countryside, the most prized varieties, give life to the Balsamic of Apple, a combination of the wisdom of balsamic vinegar of Modena and the fruit par excellence.

The Products

CIPOF pere frutteto
CIPOF. Chi siamo

Sales Network

Coop Intercomunale Produttori Ortofrutticoli s.c.a.
 Via Chiavica, 28
 San Possidonio 41039 (Mo)
 Tel: 0535.39.937
 PIVA 00188060362

Production Sector


Business activity

Fresh fruit and vegetables

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