The Company

REGULAR RELIABLE QUALITY For CerCol, quality is not just a word, it is a fact guaranteed by: - REGULAR CONTROL of raw materials, carefully selected and supplied by leading companies in Italy and abroad. - REGULAR random LABORATORY TESTS on finished products that ensure irreprehensible quality control. - A CIVIL LIABILITY PRODUCT INSURANCE POLICY taken out with INA ASSITALIA against accidental damage injuries caused to third parties by CerCol product faults.TOTAL CERCOL ADVISORY SERVICE The service provided by CerCol to distributors and fitters is complete and efficient and is split into three stages: 1 ADVICE BY PHONE provided by expert and competent operators able to give any type of suggestion of a technical-installation nature. 2 DIRECT WORKSITE INTERVENTION before and during installation, for solving all types of problems. 3 Subsequent TECHNICAL REPORTS specially made to explain how to use CerCol products properly, with special attention for building renovation and restoration.TECHNICAL DETAILS CerCol periodically organises technical-didactic meetings and demonstrations inside the facilities of its Italian and foreign customers. These are held by CerCol promoters. Such informative meetings, backed by practical demonstrations and an extensive range of tools, video films and slides, enable industry operators to constantly update.

The Products

ADHESIVES FOR CERAMICS AND NATURAL STONES: - cement adhesives - paste adhesives - latex for adhesivesPRODUCTS FOR PREPARING FOUNDATIONS: - levellers - self-levelling - binders - stiffeners - water-proofersSEALANTS FOR FLOOR AND WALL JOINTS: - cement and latex fillers - epoxy fillers - silicones - detergentsPRODUCTS FOR BUILDING RENOVATION: - stiffeners - water-proofers - ready-to-use mortars - protective treatments

Sales Network

For information: Cercol S.p.A. Via Valle D'Aosta, 48 41049 Sassuolo (MO) - ITALY Tel. +39 0536 801007 Fax +39 0536 804860 E-mail: info@cercol.it Http: www.cercol.it

Production Sector

Chemical industry

Business activity

Chemicals and materials for industry (paints, pig, Rubber, plastic and resin

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