The Company

Our company is specialized in selling educational aids for the schools. Sales are made through our school catalogue "Il gioco creativo" in which we show all our proposals. We offer more that 1500 products, all selected by considering quality and educational value.Being a wide offer it can well satisfy the main demand of material, especially from kindergartens and nursery schools. We work all over Italy through a web of distributors, one for each province, who can deliver our proposal to all schools in Italy.

The Products

Our catalogue "Il gioco creativo" keeps renewing itself in order to be able to satisfy the needs coming from the school, remaining faithful to its aim based on the development of mental skills through playing. Thanks to this aim it is a catalogue which is also good for special activities as teaching support, included in the wider global ones . In the last edition of the catalogue the proposal for verbal expression and creating concepts has been amplified, as that of art- craft material. This last one is a section which has been given much attention in these last few years.Moreover, the forniture section is much wider too, in order to build a more complete and coherent proposal.Sections presented in our catalogue are as follow : - Wide motor-skill - Motor-skill - Small motor-skill - Sensorial development - Expressive activity - Artistic activity - Linguistic development - Math and logic activity - Scientific observation - Forniture

Sales Network

Our catalogue is distributed all over Italy through a web of 84 distributors who promote the selling of our products in all schools related to their own area. It is possible to know the distributor’s name related to a particular area by sending a fax to 059 828411 or by E-mail address : centrogiochi@sincretech.it. We’ll be happy to send our catalogue if required.

Production Sector

Printing and graphic art, toys, and sports equipment, miscellaneous household and office

Business activity

Prints, toys, and sports equipment, giftware, household products

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