The Company

We started up in business 40 years ago and soon became leaders in the field of clothing labels, tag printing, decorative ribbons, polypropylene films and lots of other products. The special focus given to both Italian and foreign markets, to production technologies and to company organisation, along with artistic and creative skills and a bent for innovation, so important for the emotional impact with our potential clientele, produced high levels of reaction and renewal of product range, for both small artisan firms and large industries. The manufacturing cycle is vertically integrated and controlled by an exclusive computerised system, to the benefit of customer service, management quality and cost control. We operate on all European markets, especially France, Sweden and Germany. We mainly supply accessories for the clothing and footwear industries, but are also competitive in the Food, Vinegar, Wine, Perfume-Cosmetics, Fruit and Vegetable, Dressed Pork, and Beekeeping Industries, etc.We are geographically located in the centre-north of Italy, 20 km from Modena.

The Products

We offer a range of products:- Labels in reels - Self-adhesive - Glued - Flat - Four-coloured - Hot heat-engraved - PVC labels - Embroidered fabric labels- In Taffetas - In Satin - Heat-engraved - High definition - Continuous ribbons - Bearings - Fabric size labels, etc. - Labels printed on satin - Taffetas - Polyester - Cotonet - Hot printed labels - Labels for jeans - High frequency - Lithograph tags - Four-colour relief - Doubled - PVC - Continuous module - Posters - Blocks - Flimsies - Boxes - Colour folders - Envelopes for knitwear and clothing - Polyethylene and Polypropylene - Clothing covers - Bags - Shoppers - Miscellaneous accessories - Yarn compositions - Sizes - Needles - Pistols - Nylon Fills - Pins - Cords, etc.

Sales Network

For information please contact: Cattini & Figli Srl via T. Olivelli, 5/7 41012 Carpi(Mo) Tel. 059/664005 Fax 059/664529 e-mail: Sito:

Production Sector

Textile and Fashion Industry

Business activity

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