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Gazzotti s.p.a. has been operating for over half a century in the transport sector and, over the years, has transformed to adapt to the changing needs of the market, acquiring an agile and efficient organisation able to provide transport and logistics services for Italy and Europe, with special focus on the Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria regions, and France and Switzerland. The company has its headquarters in Sassuolo, the fulcrum of the entire system, and subsidiaries in Milan and Turin that, besides transport, also provide deposit and distribution services. Service quality, client care, security and environment friendliness are characteristics that have always distinguished our firm. Gazzotti s.p.a., besides the core business of logistics and transport for northern Italy, France and Switzerland, also offers other major services such as: container preparation and loading/unloading, deposit and storage on behalf of third parties, distribution and express deliveries for the cities of Milan and Turin, hazardous goods transport, transport organisation and management for other carriers. Our services: Transport - Logistics – Containers

The Products

Gazzotti s.p.a. boasts a complete and varying range of vehicles, all of which latest generation, and this allows, besides an appreciable reduction in costs, also great reliability with consequent advantages for customers. Among the more than one hundred vehicles in our fleet are: - Articulated vehicles, covered and uncovered, suitable for transporting any type of material: palletized goods, trade-fair stands, loose products such as clays and animal feeds. - Articulated vehicles with various type of bodies: maxi volume, coil carriers, tip-ups, open and with cover/uncover tarpaulin, also suitable for loading machinery or packages as long as 13.6 metres. - Two, three or four-axis prime movers, with hard or tarpaulin body, with capacities up to 22000 kg, some of which featuring hydraulic rear side. - Medium and small trucks, including with crane, for worksites not equipped for unloading, used for collecting and distributing small lots. - Vans of different sizes, suitable for also quickly reaching the most difficult destinations, for urgent deliveries and distribution in urban centres. - For loading/unloading operations and handling materials, Gazzotti s.p.a. has more than twenty fork-lift trucks in the various operating centres. The company also avails itself of the cooperation of numerous sub-carriers of proven capacity and experience to cater for the requirements of its clients in the best possible way.

Sales Network

If you are a client or supplier and wish to contact the Gazzotti staff, you can send an email: or tel: 0536 883273 fax: 0536885999 To directly contact the Milan or Turin branches, you can send an email: Milano: Torino:

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