The Company

A company named "Capricci del Bosco" (Caprices of the Wood) could only be located in a friendly and natural environment. And that is precisely where it is located, in an unspoilt area between Tuscany and Emilia, at Tagliole, in the regional park of the Modena Apennines. Here the company picks and immediately processes bilberries, blackberries, strawberries, wild cherries, raspberries, red and black currants, blackthorns, cornelian cherries, gooseberries, chestnuts, porcini mushrooms and beehive products. Processing procedures, decided on the basis of product quality, permit obtaining fresh fruit for the market, frozen fruit for ice-cream parlours and confectionery outlets, outstanding fresh-fruit jams, natural berries under syrup, berry liqueurs. Numerous ice-cream manufacturers appreciate these home-made products that have no added preservatives, nor food-dyes and stand out for the top-quality of their ingredients. The fruit is ideal for making ice cream, under syrup or "au naturel" for decorating confectionery of various kinds, whipped cream, desserts, fruit salads, etc. Berry liqueurs include mirtillino, lamponcino, maraschino, as well as digestive liqueurs containing berries, jumiper berries and walnuts complete a vast assortment of products suitable for a broad range of uses.

The Products

EAU-DE-VIE AND LIQUEURS: - Eau-de-vie - Liqueur creams - LiqueursMUSHROOMS: - Dry mushrooms - Porcini mushrooms thinly sliced and cooked with oil, garlic and parsley - Mushrooms under oilHONEYCHRISTMAS PACKSFRUIT: - Under syrup - Top-quality jams - Berries for decorating - From the wood and orchard - Natural under syrupOILS AND PRODUCTS IN OIL: - Under-oil line - Oils and aromatic vinegarsGIFT ARTICLES

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For information: CAPRICCI DEL BOSCO Via Lago Santo 81 41020 Tagliole di Pievepelago MODENA - ITALY Tel. 0536/72080 Fax. 0536/71585 E-mail: Http:

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Various products (desserts, tea, honey, potato cri

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