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Every Great Story Has A Beginning...

Cafe is a roasting company of Vignola, the upshot of the desire to recall and deepen the artisan skill of making good coffee. The idea of returning to the origins of typically Italian flavours and the tasting of blends expertly created by master roasters.

The goal is to translate into reality our passion for researching the raw material, the methods of processing and extraction and the endless range of possible combinations to create blends.


In addition to two production lines (m'ama and cafe) there is also a personalized line, inspired by the tastes of customers and specifically created... to each his own cup of coffee.



Each area produces unique coffees: from the hints of fresh fruit of Nicaraguan beans, to the different degrees of acidity of the Arabica beans from Central America and the African coffees with their strong personality and spicy aftertaste... and this tour of the world is just to name a few examples.


But here begins the most beautiful moment of our work: the blend. A cup of coffee is cream, fragrance, body, aromas and aftertaste...

Our production aims to meet the demands and desires in the cup, and it is from here that our research work starts.


Passion spurs us to achieve a result that satisfies our customers, making the most of our knowledge of coffee, its characteristics and its origins.


The design of a blend comes from the origins of green coffee and the organoleptic characteristics of each of the components; body and aroma are our constant quest in every test.


Every day we focus on our products and suppliers with just one objective: excellence.


Coffee extraction

Coffee consumers in Italy are divided into two categories: espresso lovers and moka pot lovers.


Lately, however, with the advent of homemade espresso machines, habits have been revolutionized and the general curiosity for different ways of extracting and tasting coffee has spread.


The methods of extraction are many and often ignored.


Below is an overview of the possible methods of home extraction, ways to enjoy a cup of good coffee at any time of day.

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