The Company

Cadica Group Spa was established in 1973 in Carpi, one of the historical locations of the textile industry in Northern Italy. Since the early '80s, a careful study of the quick changes in the market and in fashion led to the definition of the Company's mission which still inspires our work; to provide a global service, consisting of consultancy, design and production of Labelling, for garment manufacturers starting from some unquestionable points: - the absolute quality of the products; - a dynamic and fast service, readily flexible to the Customer's requirements; - the steady research for fashion trends and new technical solutions and a continuous upgrading of the equipment and of the production and management software.

The Products

CADICA has been for years an undisputed leader in the design and production of garment labels and accessories. Its strength and success originate from the Company's philosophy and mission: working for quality and innovation. The accessories of a piece of garment are the most revealing elements that witness for its style and quality and, for this reason, CADICA designs them in close cooperation with the Clients' designers: the result is a harmonic and consistent collection, where the accessories emphasise the style and merge into it. The latest technical solutions in terms of colours, yarns, materials, processes, are submitted to the Customers every season in a "CADICA TRENDBOOK", always eagerly awaited by the Designers. Woven and printed labels, ribbons, laser die-cut badges and emblems of any shape, patches in plastic or woven materials, tags, are all signals that identify a collection at first glance. Thus, not just labels saying that the size of this shirt is XL and that it must be hand-washed, but new solutions for the fashion world, special programmes of forgery-proof labelling, exclusive proposals of new, appealing ways to present a product. CADICA knows that the fashion world is changing faster and faster, steadily requiring something new, and works to offer the market this something new and to meet the Clients' requirements even before they arise.


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Cadica Group Spa - P. O. Box 60 - 41012 Via della Ricerca Scientifica, 17/9 41012 Carpi (MO) ITALY Tel:+39 059633030 Fax: +39 059633020 e-mail: website:

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