The Company

Since the 70's, B.Z.V. Srl has been operating in the sector of equipment for the production of cores by means of various cold-box processes. Over these years, the company has acquired and developed a background of technology and experience placing it in pole position among the companies of the sector. Considerable construction flexibility enable B.Z.V. Srl to implement special customized equipment studied and produced to meet the actual requirements of its customers.

The Products

- Automatic plants for the preparation and distribution of sand for cold-boxand hot-box cores - core-shooter for cold-box formation of cores with gassing - gas generatorsfor various processes - rezing propeller mixers and continuous mixers - pneumatic sand conveyance systems - plantsfor the exaust of gassing smell and other fumes - inspection and automation of used core-shooters

Sales Network

For informations please contact: B.Z.V. Srl Via Gandhi n. 48 41100 MODENA MO Telefono: 059/251051 Fax: 059/250024 indirizzo e-mail: info@bzv.it indirizzo sito Web: www.bzv.it

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Machinery for special industries (tools in general

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