The Company

The Company Borghi was founded in 1949 on the outskirts of Modena, one of the most economically flourishing regions of Italy. Since more than half century produces machinery for manufactoring household brushes, industrial brushes etc., for almost any kind of brushes, that is staple-set, anchor-set or twisted in wire (with an exception of toothbrush manufactoring equipment). Borghi produces a wide range of equipments to meet its customer's special requirements, from the most simple, semi-automatic to the most advanced computer controlled and if desired fully automatic work cells. The Borghi plant is located on a covered area of 5000 m2, (4000 of which are dedicated to the workshop and 1000 to the offices) and employes more than 100 people. Today, other than Borghi's headquarter, Borghi collaborates whith two subsidiaries (Bodam International Ltd. in the United States of America, Ghirbo S.L. in Spain), plus a network of numerous sales agents all over the world. The Company is managed by a Board of Directors, who are share-partners which work full time inside the Company.

The Products

Borghi manufactures fully-automatic and semi-automatic machinery to produce household, personal and industrial brushes. Drilling/Filling machines: (staple-set or anchor-set) - Mod. A1P - One filling-tool - Mod. A2P - Two filling-tools - Mod. BR2 - Robotic, carousel machine Twisting-in-Wire machines: - Mod. Mod. AB4 - Twisting-in-wire - Mod. AB4/C/PAS/I - robotic, twisting-in-wire, bending, handle assembling Trimming Machines: - Mod. RS2/SCL - Trimming Flagging machine - Mod. RSP3 - Trimming Flagging machine

Sales Network

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Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Machinery for special industries (tools in general

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