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Bi.Elle: an innovative company for over 20 yearsThe great interest towards microwave applications, which has been particularly developed in the last years from part of large and small companies that have discovered its enormous advantages, has allowed Bi.Elle to apply all the acquired experience in this technology since the beginning of the '80s. Bi.Elle deals with experimentation, planning, production and sale of ovens, machines and industrial systems with microwave technology, and boasts lots of applications in multiple fields. Leader in Italy in microwave systems.

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For a few years the activity of Bi.Elle has been totally oriented towards the development and the distribution of ovens, machines and microwave industrial systems in all marketable fields. In order to promote this development, in such a field like that of microwave technology, in which few industrial installations exist, Bi.Elle has built, only in Europe, an EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY, in which it is possible, in the PILOT SYSTEMS, to test and to check all the advantages of such a technology. From the experimentation to the planning, from the production to the completely finished installation, from the test to the post-sale customer service, Bi.Elle builds ovens, machines and microwave industrial systems according to every customer's specifical needs.We take care of the entire production cycle.Experimentation We test and check the requested products and microwave treatments, in order to offer innovative and personalized solutions to every customer's needs.Planning We carry out hi-tech projects, which are equipped with all the necessary safety devices to satisfy the more exacting and strict international norms. Ask for our catalogue.Production We build our products in a specifical department, which is equipped with the most up-to-date mechanical and electronic technologies and every component is accurately tested. Assemblage We carry out the assemblage of all the mechanical, the electrical and elctronical parts for the management and control of our machines and systems. Installation We carry out the installation with our specialised staff in order to guarantee those qualitative standards that make us one of the first and most efficient international microwave producers.Applications for all the fields In the last 10 years the use of microwaves has encountered lots of industrial application fields in the processes that concern the warming-up of materials, whose conventional mechanisms (conduction, convection and irradiation) do not allow an effective, fast and homogeneous rise of temperature. Compared to most of conduction heating methods by means of fluid or contact with hot solid bodies or infra-red irradiation, that are transmitted from the items' surface to their inside, the broadly recognized main advantages of this technology are the immediate energy penetration together with highest rapidity of warming-up, the instantaneous activation and disactivation, the exceptional heating selectability of different materials also when they are in contact, the remarkable energetic spare because there is no need to warm-up other material besides the required one (such as for example the traditional oven walls). Complete solutions for the small and the big industry. CHEMICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL Powder drying, polymerization, fusion of resins.WOOD AND CORK Drying process, exsiccation, sterilization and bacterial disactivation. Ask for our catalogue.AGRO AND ALIMENTARY Exsiccation, baking, defrosting, pasteurization, sterilization. RUBBER AND PLASTIC Preheating, drying, vulcanization, fusion of materials. TEXTILE AND CLOTHES Coil drying, strings, clothes, ink fixing, humidity correction. CERAMICS AND TILE Floor tile drying, sanitary devices, china and refractory matter.Technology patented for the industry needs The term “microwave” is used to define the electromagnetic frequency waves between 300 MHz and 300 GHz that correspond to wavelengths between 1 m and 1 milimeter. Microwaves are not only suitable for radar applications but nowadays they are of fundamental importance for telecommunications, in particular for what concerns mobile phone communications. The idea to use the microwaves to warm up materials encounters its first trade performance in the ‘50s. This technology was quickly adopted in several productive departments as a particularly effective and fast means of heating. As a matter of fact the microwave heating in the materials industrial treatment remains an unusual technology, because of the technical problems coming out from the different applications, such as in particular the homogeneous power distribution inside of the treatment rooms. The Bi.Elle technology, broadly PATENTED, allows to overcome these technological limits, and by means of proper innovative solutions and particular conformations of the treatment rooms, the microwave power is conveyed and distributed in a homogeneous way in the application zone and allows a homogeneous materials warming up, either with continuous work-cycles or intermittent ones.

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Bi.Elle s.r.l. Microwave Engineering CompanyBi.Elle Laboratorio Microonde Via Ho Chi Min , n. 6 Zona Industriale TORRAZZI 41100 Modena ITALY Tel.: +39 . 059 . 25.58.944 Fax: +39 . 059 . 91.93.110 e-mail:

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