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The history: Our company was founded in January 1979 and immediately started operating in the mechanical engineering sector making precision mechanical component parts on behalf of third parties. 19 years later, and in order to optimise quality, delivery times and costs, the business has grown and now includes a number of different machining operations all performed inside the company. Our type of business and experience therefore adapts to all those industrial sectors where quality. precision and cost competitiveness is in demand, and our constantly growing turnover testifies to this.The Organisation: Over the years, B.G.P. s.r.l. has provided itself with an organisation that covers all aspects of the product life cycle, from design to production planning, testing and delivery.Company philosophy: The company is equipped with various types of cutting-edge technology machinery, operated by highly professional staff with many years of experience. This makes B.G.P. s.r.l. highly competitive in the production of small and very small batches.Nonetheless, new investments made in machinery will tend to strengthen the automation of various processes in order to ensure quick and cost-effective production of medium-quantity series of samples already made.All this with the aim of providing Free Pass components, finished and ready to be immediately introduced into the customer's production chain.Careful controls and inspections are in fact ensured by a sophisticated in-house workshop specifically dedicated to product control and which can count of fine-precision appliances and a competent staff of highly professional technicians.

The Products

The machinery TP1 “URSUS” centre Lathe TP2 “GRAZIANO” centre lathe TCN1 “VEGA” NC lathe TCN2 “DAEWOO PUMA” NC lathe with 2 mandrels TCN3 “IKEGAI” motorised NC lathe TCN4 “GALAXY” NC lathe TCN5 “DAEWOO PUMA” NC lathe with 2 mandrels FCN1 “OMV” NC milling cutter FCN2 “NOVAR” NC milling cutter FCN3 “ARNO” NC milling cutter FCN4 “OMV” NC milling cutter FCN5 “OMV” NC milling cutter CL1 “DAEWOO MYNX” Machining Centre CL2 “ZPS” Machining Centre CL3 “DAEWOO” palletised machining centre CL4 “WAT” machining centre CL5 “ZPS” machining centre RP1 “ROSA” table grinderMACHINERY IS COMPLETED BY A: "CORREA" UNIVERSAL MILLING CUTTERS RADIAL DRILLING MACHINES COLUMN DRILLING MACHINES THREADERS SAWING MACHINES LAPPING MACHINESWe also have a van and lorry for collecting and delivering materials.Among the services offered by B.G.P. s.r.l. to its customers is the independent management of heat treatments, such as: Casehardening – Hardening Hardening and tempering Normalising Anodising Burnishing Nickel-plating Galvanising Polishing Chrome coating Chemical passivation Niploy Nitemper and finishing operations such as internal-external grinding.

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OFFICINA MECCANICA B.G.P. S.r.l. Via Volta, 71 41038 San Felice sul Panaro (MO) Telefono : +39 0535 84659 Fax : +39 0535 671001 E-mail :

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