The Company

BERGONZONI: we are Italian manufacturers specializing in Micro-Mechanical precision parts. About the 60% of our turnover is from the market of scale radio controlled model cars.More than 20 years ago our company started as one of the first in this field (Bergonzoni were first company to produce a differential for an R/C car).After many years of experience we decided to start distributing our own products, especially parts and optional parts for the most popular 1/8th scale competition gas buggys.

The Products

We are specialist in the production of precision mechanical components for various branches of industry, such as automatic machines, parts for diesel pumps, mechanical transmissions, micro-gears, etc.We are famous for our universal Joints manufactured to our customers specifications for the connection betwen unaligned shafts.In our factory we have modern advanced machines with CNC technology and we also have heat treatment for small pieces of steel. Our production prices are very competitive on small and medium quantities, especially when assembly is required.During the last 10 years we have made about 3.000 new items which are included in our catalogue; the most important items are: - 1/8th scale R/C cars Flash - 21 size cars engines - Also an exclusive range of accessories and racing components

Sales Network

For information please contact: Bergonzoni Srl Società Unipersonale Via Cassola di sotto 9/11 41013 Castelfranco Emilia(Mo) Tel. 059/932062 Fax 059/932206 e-mail: sito:

Production Sector

Roundabouts, swings and other equipment for amusement parks

Business activity

Toys and items for sport

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