The Company

Baumer Srl is specialized in the production of mechanical, electronic and combined machine.

The Products

MECHANICAL MACHINE The flexibility, the strenghnesse and the simple use of this type of machines produced by Baumer si well known to all of you; somebody of you have been experienced vantages of: a) a quick and simple change-over size b) a film cutting system very accurate and with automatic balancing of film strech c) maintenance with reduced machine stop, limitated costs for lack of production and for the technicians by the costumer by sending preassembled and already tested groups in replacing that ones to be restored.ELECTRONIC MACHINE In this type of machines, the integrated mechanical/electronic design has given us the opportunity to eliminate the mechanical transmission groups still keeping the same reliability and quality of Baumer products, even through: a) the use of electronic components produced by world leading companies b) the use for ISO 9000 class 3 certified devices c) the conformity to EC regulations d) IN/OUT interexchange of datas for diagnostic eith recording of anomalous events By means of this technology, Baumer gives a new type customer after sale at reduced costs and in real time (Teleservice by Modem).COMBINED MACHINE To meet costumers requirements in terms of handling products with shrinkfilm and wrap-around cartons as well, with several production changements between one and the other type of packanging. By means of this type of machines, the costumer can handle: 1) packs in high trays wrapped with shrinkfilm 2) packs in high trays not wrapped 3) packs in complete wrap-around cartons 4) cases with and without display

Sales Network

For further information: Baumer Srl Via Emilia Ovest, 93 41013 Castelfranco Emilia (Modena) ITALIA tel (++) 39 59 924432 fax (++) 39 59 927770

Production Sector

Mechanical Engineering

Business activity

Packaging machinery and parts of the same

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