The Company

Founded at the end of the 70's, BALBONI INOX has always worked in the sector of Small, Medium, and Large-scale distribution, producing and supplying equipment and fittings in stainless steel for the different areas of application. Today BALBONI INOX has a full range of modern facilities with its production site and head office in Campogalliano, Italy. Balboni Inox quickly became the leader in the sector, thanks to careful decision making in order to reach some important goals: - an excellent price/quality ratio - direct dealing with clients without intermediary agents or representatives.

The Products

All Balboni Inox products are made in full compliance with the applicable hygiene and safety laws. Goods can be made on request to clients' designs. We also provide estimates for individual items or for whole processing areas.PRODUCTS: - General Tables - Hot Tables - Cold tables and cupboards - Cupboards and shelves - Pizzeria and patisserie - Display - Equipment for processing area - Water drainage - Washing - Hanging rails - Hoods - Skewering machines

Sales Network

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Production Sector

Electronics, Electrics, Furniture and Sundry Furnishing

Business activity

Household appliances (ovens, freezers, TVs, video-, Miscellaneous furniture and furnishings, partition

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