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By love for good and genuine things and from a small cottage in the countryside, in 1997 borns the company to vocation fruit Trentini. 

Slowly and with great care, Trentini uses the lands available to him until it becomes the great company it is today: he repositions the orchard orienting from north to south, so that his apples and his pears enjoy the best of the sunshine and he placed in every row a drainage pipe for draining excess water so as to protect the roots of plants during the rainy season to avoid the root suffocation of the plants.

During the years he makes use of the latest technologies in agriculture: the orchard is equipped with an irrigation and fertilization computerize system, an improvement minimally invasive but very useful to maintain the high quality on which the company has always based.

They also included a frost system (using the lake water created in artificial form and spraying water on the ground, that, being warmer, makes it prevents frosts) and the hail netting to protect the fruit from the great weather and strong winds.

With these tricks and with continuous passion for their work, the farm is able to fit into a leading position in the context of cultivation of apples (Fuji and Gala) and pears (Abate Fetel, William Bianco and Santa Maria) and to ensure natural and genuine products for yours tables.

The Trentini fruits is present throughout the Italian and European market. Trentini operates through wholesalers, directly dthrough purchasing centers in supermarkets, through the groups of purchases, small shops specialized and general markets.


From the best land the most delicious fruit

36 hectares of land in the conuntryside of Modena perfect for the cultivation of apples and pears: 14 hectares sare devoted to apples, the rest is all dedicated to pears.

On the other hand Trentini is located in the heart of the cultivation of pears, Emilia Romagna, a region characterized by a permeable plains and a temperate climate, hot and humid in summer and cold in winter..

From Emilia Romagna derive 65% of Italian pears and they are so good and unique that in 1998 obtained the IGP recognition, Protected Geographical Identification.

Even the apples grow tasty and healthy in the Modena plain, no way inferior to those of mountain. Fuji apples particularly sare better because more savory and sweet just to the soil. 
In farmland of Trentini there is also an artificial lake, created in support of the orchard for vintages particularly dry. HIs waters are also used as anti-frost method, namely to raise the temperature of the ground during the nights of spring frosts.

The Products


Quality and Health on your table

Every day spent in the company is dedicated to the care of thousands of plants present in large orchard. 
Trentini exclusively cultivates Apples and Pears.

Apples are divided into two categories, Fuji and Gala. Fuji are divided into Fuji Kiku8 e Fuji Aztec, Gala are divided intoSniga and Brookfield 

The Gala anticipates ten or fifteen days the maturation than the mountain apples, consequently It is thanks to this natural feature if the apples arrive first on our tables.

They have a sweet, delicate flavor, with a firm texture and crisp. 
The Fuji is an apple from large sensory characteristics, It has a sweeter taste than that of the mountain Fuji and his flesh is crisp and juicy. It is the perfect apple for cultivation in the plains because maturing later, and in clay soils of the Po Valley, It gives the crunchiness and sweetness that distinguish them from the other mountain apples more acidic because made on more rocky terrain. 

Pears are classified in three categories which are Abate Fetel, Villiam Bianco and Santa Maria.

The Abate Fetel are the queens of pears: is one of the qualities most requested by consumers, its flesh is white and juicy with a sweet taste and an intense aroma.

The Trentini land are located in a Vocation zone of Abate Fetel pears, this means that this type only born in Emilia Romagna, particularly in the area of Modena and Ferrara.

The Abate Fetel pears have the I.G.P. that is the origin marking whereby a product born only in in a given geographical area.

The Abate Fetel pears have the I.G.P. that is the origin marking whereby a product born only in in a given geographical area.

The William Bianco pears have a very white flesh, fine and sugary. They are sweet with a muscat aftertaste. It is the summer pear for excellence, perfect for fruit salad and smoothies.

Also this typology is grown mainly in Emilia Romagna.

The Santa Maria is harvested from mid-July and it is a typical summer varieties.

Her skin is smooth and yellow and its flavor is sweet and aromatic. Basically, It tends to be grown in southern Italy, but it also adapts well to the climate of Emilia Romagna.

Every year the Trenti's farm produces:
6.000 quintals of Abate Fetel
1000 quintals of William Bianco
300 quintals of Santa Maria
8000 quintals of Gala
2500 quintals of Fuji .

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