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The bell estates are today's projection of historical generations of agricultural passion embodied in their products.

The company is located near the natural park of the river Secchia, near Modena, in the land of Lambruschi and Pignoletto wines; year after year it has always grown, reaching today to cover an area of ​​about 180 hectares of which 22 are used as vineyards.
Salamino and Sorbara
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Originally due to the proximity of the river, the soils were often flooded by floods, on them was in fact released that "limo" which is an excellent biological fertilizer. Moreover this proximity to the river determines a particular mixture of soil that makes it very fertile and on which the plants have an exceptional vigor.

Over the years, the activities have always been addressed to the agricultural raw materials industry through the production of soy, corn, wheat, sugar beets, pears, cattle breeding; in the absence of that direct thread that can be created with the final consumer.
Hence the desire to create our identity through the production of wine.

A wine that follows the Modena tradition, its history, its flavors and our passion. The goal is precisely to see those experiences and those care accrued over time and handed down from generation to generation.

The grandfather Bertoia was the first to start farming right where the company base now stands.

We are in the early 1800s, the size was reduced but from that day on the business has changed hands, remaining always to the family and without ever stopping.

Subsequently it was the grandfather Attilio who took over the company also taking over the part of the brothers.
We are in the 1970s, Lauro Campana arrived, which is still following the activity together with his sons Sergio and Mattia.

Just Sergio, in 2015 under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, was selected along with 19 other agricultural companies to become a direct supplier of Mcdonald through a supply chain path.

The project is structured through the supply of national soft wheat of Bologna varieties. Once sown, cured and grown, it is collected and conferred to be always worked in the area of ​​Modena where it becomes bread that will be the basis of the composition of the famous Hamburger.

In this process of supply chain there is a very important patner: the agricultural university of Padua. The University of Padua is one of the largest agricultural realities that study and deepen the agricultural sector through diversified experiments carried out in their own farm owned by about 60 Ha.
Thanks to this important collaboration we are experimenting together technological innovations aimed at reducing the use of plant protection products, accurately targeting the interventions and at the same time trying to improve the quality of the products.

At the base of these studies is the collaboration between the producer and the final product with the aim of raising the quality of Made in Italy.

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Wine, Various products (desserts, tea, honey, potato cri

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