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The Company

The Melloni Farm is a family story: they have been looking after and promoting the heritage offered in the “Modenese” territory.

Being born in San Felice, in 1952 Mario Melloni was already cultivating a plot of land with fruit and vegetables, carrying on the peasant traditions of the time.

Today the whole family takes care of preserving that same sustainable production, encouraging a return to the land in the respect of the quality and the variety of ancient Fruits.

The Products

The Mantua Farm Mostarda 

Historically, it was produced by apothecaries for the Gonzaga family, lords of Mantua; it was often combined with game. With the pas sage of time the mostarda lost its exclusive character, thanks to the increased availability of sugar and mustard seeds and became pop ular food. The peculiarity of the Mantuan Mostarda compared to the Cremonese or the Venetian, is the use of only one type of fruit which, according to the tradition, is the Campanina apple, the pear, the wa termelonand and the quince. The Mantua farm mostarda is included in the PAT-MIPAFlist, the traditional agri-food Products according to D.M. 350/99. A fundamental aspect is the quality of the fruit; in our farm we do not use imported fruit, but we grow trees in free form for a better search for the light of the sun, lead an apiary in the orchard for better pollination of flowers, collect the fruits at the right degree of ripeness and transform it directly. In the small farm laboratory, the traditional recipe is strictly followed, without addition of thickeners, preservatives or other synthetic chemicals. The organic cultivation process and the transformation are certified by ICEA.


Ingredients and recipe
• Organic fruit
• Organic Italian beet sugar
• Organic lemon
• Natural mustard flavoring After peeling and cutting the fruit into slices, sprinkle with sugar and let it rest for 24 hours. Then boil the syrup created by the fuit and the sugar for 10' Pour the boiling syrup on the fruit and let it rest. Repeat this procedure also on the two fol lowing days. On the fourth day, boil fruit and syrup together for a few minutes until the fruit get a caramel color. Leave it to cool then add the natural mustard flavoring and put it into the jars

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Via degli Estensi 93

41038 San Felice s/P (MO)
Orari: 8:30 – 12:00 15:00 – 19,00


Anna Maria +39 340 3127434 (ENG)
Francesco +39 340 7373651
Wolmer +39 348 9772654

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Various products (desserts, tea, honey, potato cri

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