The Company

The company was established in 1973 under the direction of Malavasi Vasco who started growing field mushrooms in small premises. Until 1983, production was restricted to the cultivation of mushrooms on substrate acquired from third parties. The year after, the company started producing the substrate itself, thereby making the entire production process independent, from start to finish. Control over the entire process has led to cultivated quality/mushroom enhancement. Today, the firm extends over a cultivated area of 3000 sqm and is run by Vittorio and Vasco Malavasi.

The Products

The company produces freshly-grown field mushrooms of different sizes:- "small" size from 2 to 4 cm. available in various packs: 30x50 wood board holding approx. 5 kg; 30x50 plastic box containing 4 x 0.65 kg trays; 30x50 plastic box containing 8 x 0.45 kg baskets.- "medium" size from 5 to 7 cm. available in various packs: 30x50 wood board with one approx. 3 kg layer; 30x50 wood board with two approx. 5 kg layers.- "large" size - over 7 cm. available in pack: 30x50 wood board with one approx. 3.5 kg layer;Proposals can also be considered from processing industries and special packaging requirements.

Sales Network

The fresh mushrooms are sold directly to wholesalers, general fruit and vegetable markets and processing industries.

Production Sector


Business activity

Fresh fruit and vegetables, Seeds, plants and their products

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