The Company

Auxilia manufactures and markets technical aids for disabled people with serious problems of moving about and communicating. This activity is accompanied by the ongoing development of the rehabilitation skills indispensable for the correct and successful use of the instruments. By means of special integration between technological and rehabilitation skills, Auxilia is able to provide ample support to operators and users wanting to find technical solutions within the framework of broader rehabilitation, educational and social integration projects. In view of the specific nature of the services provided, from simple marketing and after-sales activities to individual user consultancy, Auxilia has worked for many years in conjunction with institutes and associations involved in the rehabilitation and Alternative Communication industry in Italy. Auxilia is a member of I.S.A.A.C. (International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

The Products

Communication and learning aids for the disabled.Main products:- The world of Intellikeys - Keyboards - Sensors - Software - Mouse emulation - Multiple sensors - Communication aids - Daily playing and life

Sales Network

For information: AUXILIA di Paolo Vaccari e C. S.a.s. Via Vaccari, 72 41100 Modena - ITALY Tel: 059/216311 Fax: 059/220543 E-mail: Http:

Production Sector

Printing and graphic art, toys, and sports equipment, miscellaneous household and office

Business activity

Prints, toys, and sports equipment, giftware, household products

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