The Company

AUTRONIC was founded in 1998 by experts in the electronics industry with a clear VISION, MISSION and STANDARDS. - VISION: (What we are building together for the future) Autronic products: the company for men, ideas and new technologies that are competitive worldwide. - MISSION (what we offer and why we exist) To guarantee a profit and to generate more work. Planning, production and services which respect the environment. - STANDARDS (The customer is who we have to answer to) - LISTENING ABILITY The ability to make the whole company understand the needs of the customer. - CO-OPERATION The ability to work systematically to achieve the customer’s strategic objectives. - RELIABILITY Total and consistent commitment to agreements made regarding price, service, product quality and times of delivery. - INNOVATION The ability to propose ever better and cheaper solutions with the same high quality of service.

The Products

AUTRONIC designs, produces and puts into effect electronic systems to customer specifications. The design is carried out independently by an efficient technical team which functions with the aid of CAE instrumentation which facilitates completing the usual phases of planning within the company’s structure: hardware development; software development; layout development; sample testing and release of the product onto the market. AUTRONIC can solve any production problem. Continuous investment into production resources enables the company to offer products made with systems using advanced production technology like SMD (surface mount device) which is extremely flexible and productive (over 15,000 components per hour) and advanced testing systems such as ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) which enables 100% of the components to be tested (test-in-circuit) as well as testing the functioning of 100% of the devices produced. AUTRONIC designs, manufactures and sells standard advanced electronic devices for the GPL and methane gas sector in the automobile sector. (Gas Product Line). AUTRONIC is the partner in innovative projects.

Sales Network

For information: AUTRONIC S.r.l. Via Platone, 2 41012 CARPI (MO) - ITALY Tel. ++39-059.645483 Fax. ++39-059.6220231 E-Mail: Http:

Production Sector

Motorsport and other transportation means

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