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The Company

ATA was founded in 1952 by Mr. Ageo Bergamini who started building spare parts and equipment for farming and assembling small tow-tractors for brickyards. Since then, ATA has continually developed and can now boast a wide range of products, including tractors for in-house towing, industrial tractors, tractors for ports and airport uses, with different solutions offered to the customers (electrical, LPG, diesel, petrol vehicles). The technical department is always ready to study new solutions to meet with the different customer requirements. Our main customers are airlines, airports management companies (Italian and foreign), some ports in Italy, Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, as well as the main industrial sectors (cars, heavy industry and for any requirement concerning towing).

The Products

Towing up to 65 ton - A20 Leprotto - 2500 / 3600 - 5500SH - 5500SH 4x4Towing over 65 ton - 8500SH / 8500SH 4x4 - 8700 / 8700 4x4Electrical tractors - E 125 - EP 125 - E 150 - E 350Special machines ATA has always paid the utmost attention to its customers’ requirements and satisfaction. Our highly qualified technical department allows us to always find the most suitable and - in the van - solutions. Our products range from diesel - electric platform trucks, equipped for airports, ports and railways, to powerful loco-tractors.

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