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ASCOM S.p.A. has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of rubber tired and railed lifting equipment for Marine and Industrial applications. We are able to supply both a standard range of catalog products as well as products manufactured according to client specifications.

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Our specialist lines include:Boat Hoists The outstanding Handling, Speed and Safety characteristics of Ascom's products represent an international benchmark for the Boat Hoists industry and the extremely high level of Quality and Technology represent a point of reference for other manufacturers in this sector. We are the first and only Boat Hoist manufacturer to offer a wide range of innovative technical solutions such as: remote radio control system, amphibious models, all wheel steering, direct drive transmission on all models.Overhead Travelling and Gantry Cranes Total customer satisfaction is our primary objective, and each machine, from the most simple to the most complex, is carefully designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the specific needs of the customer and in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards. The handling capacity of these machines typically range from 1 to 30 Tons, however special versions can be manufactured up to a capacity of 100 Tons. Ascom manufactures the following types of overhead and gantry cranes: single and twin beam overhead cranes, single beam, twin beam and torsional gantry cranes, monorail, automatic systems. Application: these machines can be utilised in a wide range of sectors from food manufacturing to industrial applications. They can be utilised inside the plant for the movement, transportation and storage of any type of material. Concrete Hoists The lifting capacity of these machines varies from 15 to 150 tons depending on the specific needs and applications. The dimensions vary for each single project and are planned together with the client according to their specific needs. Standard features of these machines normally include: proportional remote radio control, 4 wheel steering, closed air-conditioned cab, fixed or hydraulic weighing scales, direct drive transmission, 5 year warranty on the paint coating. Applications: the outstanding handling, speed and safety characteristics of Ascom Concrete Hoists make them extremely efficient for the handling of reinforced concrete objects and structures in the following areas: vehicle loading and unloading, building site storage, materials handling in general. Special Equipment Ascom is able to provide a wide range of diverse applications manufactured in accordance with specific customer requirements. If you have special materials storage and handling requirements, contact us today. Ascom will provide you with a complete personalised service aimed at finding the ideal solution to your specific requirements.Computer Controlled Equipment

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