The Company

The firm ARTITALIA produces the traditional ofenkacheln which are being to realize refractary stoves. The ofenkacheln are being made as handicrafted of using different argils to preparing the clay-mixture; in this way the fire-tiles, with a high fire free capacity are being created. The glas we use has been approved with the certainty certificate and will not damage the environment.

The Products

We can offer the ofenkacehln anbig range of colours; up to about 40 different colours, which match every kind of house-furnishing. as for the modern style , we suggest pastel colours and shirry surfaces. For the more traditional house-furnishing we suggest old-fashionad colours and for the more refined furnshing the decorated patters.Next to the very wid e range of stoves, we produce, we can offer you also the possibility of creating your own stove wich will fit best to your house furnished and your taste. Additional to this, we also sell prefabricated stoves in every immaginable, wich are easy to put together because it consists of 3 pieces.

Sales Network

The stoves are already being sold, with success, in Germany and Austria.

Production Sector

Construction and civil engineering, ceramic and non-metallic products

Business activity

Ceramic tiles and related products

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