The Company

The sisters Lara and Daniela continue the tradition handed down from over three generations in the family Vecchi to produce the Balsamico  in the ancient Acetaia Bompana.  

The prince among Bompana produce is naturally the certified PDO  balsamic vinegar that correctly has to be identified as Traditional Balsamic  Vinegar of Modena Pdo ,  with least aging of over 12 years and that elixir which, after the least aging of over 25 years, can wear the name of EXTRAVECCHIO.

Some reserves of extravecchio are also commercialized by barrels of family of end 800. Adding to quoted products Bompana produces the ancient seasoning Saba and various derived alimentary seasonings (condiment ) from the cooked must from own typical grapes.

Shop is opened  internally and has enriched from the presence of local typical wines,  Parmigiano reggiano  cheese with long ripenings and other products however marked Pdo and Pgi of local agricultural producers and not.
Ancient Acetaia Bompana is open to visitors for tours also in foreign language and  tastings of Balsamicos . Booking is requested .

The Products

The “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” is a seasoning (legally speaking) and is derived only by aging of cooked must. There are not therefore other ingredients, neither dyes, preservative and chemical thickener.
The bottle of unique (Giugiaro design) form contains 100 ml. and is produced in exclusive for the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Pdo, therefore it cannot contain other products.
For the particular method of production, the aging is reported to the activity of the barrels therefore the bottle of the ABTM cannot bring indications on the age of the product. Despite the same methodology , many differences can be found among the vinegars. Every master conductor of Acetaia always has own preferences and personal traditions in the choice of some fundamental footsteps always made in the respect of the product specification . Therefore the woody essences of the barrels, the cultivation of the vineyard, the times and the ways for the harvest , the settle of the barrels in the garret, the cooking of the grapejuice and the management of the operations withdrawal and extravasation , are handed in different times and somehow personalized by the Master of the Acetaia. 

Thanks to the natural concentration, evaporation, exchange of aromas between the wood and the vinegar, bacterial and enzymatic activity and ,above all, time passing ; Bompana has been producing since some generation ABTM Extravecchio of great quality. A balsamic  of syrupy consistence, of sweet and sour taste, rich, full and of intense brown color, dark color and brilliant at the same time.
The secret of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena remains always hidden inside the passion of the producer. The love of Secondo Vecchi (of Bompana) for its Acetaia is aimed to preserve a treasure of family, deeply tied up to its earth and since a long time devoted to the use in the kitchen. 

TBVM is a good inspirer of recipes wich  range over from the appetizer to the dessert to end as an amazing digestive. Every wrapping of Balsamico Bompana is accompanied by a book with indications and recipes in foreign languages.

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Wine vinegar and Balsamic vinegar

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