The Company

The company was established in 1938 as a family-run concern on the initiative of Mr. Giuseppe Albertazzi and developed as a craft-enterprise, which was a feature of the local economy up until the 50's. The Albertazzi company became a limited company in 1972 with a share capital which currently amounts to L.1.500.000.000. The company is involved in the purchase, processing, transformation and sale of cellophane, transparent plastic material, aluminium foil and related materials. Albertazzi G. S.p.A. can be termed a medium sized company in relation to the number of its employees, turnover and balance sheet total. The period of rapid technological advance in the 70's resulted in the company development of advanced packaging, vacuum packaging and systems for the long-life conservation of fresh foods, and it became a leading company in these sectors thanks to its high level of technological advance and know-how. During this period it also exported this know-how to other European countries thereby opening up new and interesting markets to which it exports 15% of its total production. In 1995 the turnover reached a level of 27 Billion and for logistic reasons it moved the factory to the industrial zone of Correggio (Re) Main Capri road thereby expanding its production premise from 3700 to 6700 mq.

The Products

Flexographic and rotogravure printing.Single materials and multi-layers. Reels, pouches and bags for conditioning in modified atmosphere or vacuum, pasteurization and sterilization of food products.Materials for thermoforming, both flexible and rigid.Technology, systems and materials for long life food products conservation. Packaging for industrial products and cosmetics.Special collaboration with clients, technical know-how for the solution of specific problems.

Sales Network

Albertazzi G. S.p.A. production is undertaken on receipt of purchase orders and undertaken as work orders both on the international and home markets. It is difficult to precisely state what portion of the market is held by the company, given the diversity of the various competitors. However the packagings of the Albertazzi G. S.p.A. company are used in fresh pasta, salami and cold meats, cheese and fish sectors in particular. Distribution is by means of direct delivery, partly by means of the company's own vehicles. The commercial organization consists of seven direct agents, which cover central and northern Italy as well as various local dealers located around Italy and abroad. Abroad, distribution is by means of commercial agents specialized in the various sectors:

Production Sector

Chemical industry

Business activity

Rubber, plastic and resin, Chemicals and materials for industry (paints, pig

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