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ALA'S was founded in the 1960's, as an independent manufacturer of rings. ALA'S SEGMENTI S.r.l. has developed a highly specialised technical work force backed by a wealth of managerial expertise. Ala's has established itself as an international leader in the production of piston rings due to its vast range of products, its continuous investment in new technologies and the excellent service it offers. These are their most distinctive features. Today Ala's covers a surface area of around 1000 sq. m. Technologically speaking, it employs machinery and equipment that are among the most evolved and a highly qualified staff who are able to respond to the great challenges that globalisation demands. In fact, particular attention has been placed on training and development of the staff, since the company strongly believes that success can be attained as a result of the commitment and dedication of the staff. Ala's Segmenti was founded with the purpose of fulfilling, as much as possible, the demands of the piston ring market and supplying leading edge technology solutions for businesses in the sector. The commitment of Ala's has always been, since the beginning, to constantly try to improve its own performance, the level of quality and reliability of its products and above all the quality of the services offered to clients. With these main objectives and as a result of the loyalty of its clients, Ala's has become a leading company in the field of piston rings.CERTIFICATION ISO 9002 Following the continuosly evolving technology and the increasing of customers' needs, Ala's Segmenti has obtained a prestigious international level certification of its quality system in accordance to the UNI EN ISO 9002 standard. The certification has been obtained with DNV Det Norske Veritas, a foundation known all over the world. This means that all the process of transformation and the commercial aspects are followed by specialised workers continuosly trained to obtain the highest standard of quality. The certification is not however considered as a limit but a starting point towards a new and better attention to quality of services and customer satisfaction.

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APPLICATIONS OF OUR PRODUCT:- Compressors - Glass manufacturing machines - Earth moving machines - Model aeronautical engines - Marine engines - Hydraulic equipment - Agricultural pumps - Pumps for concrete - Presses - Presses for the ceramic industry - Spare parts - Hydraulic and marine transmission

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