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Working since the first nineties AIR TOP ITALIA is one of the most dynamic Italian companies operating in the after-market sector. The Emilian company has played a very important role in the creation of the cabin air filter’s market with the invention, production and marketing of Zaffo, the first double-layer cabin air filter with active carbons. With a pioonering attitude the management of AIR TOP ITALIA has been able to establish, first in Italy and then in the European market, their cabin filter, characterised by high performances in the pulling down of pollen, dust and polluting substances caused by motor traffic.

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PRODUCTS We know how to make cabin air filters. Innovative, effective, versatile and top-performing. That’s our business, our daily work split up between research, tests and manufacturing requirements. We also know how to keep in touch with our customers, wheter acquired or potential, and interpret their needs, problems and questions. A simple story full of commitment, enthusiasm and tenacity.Zaffo Zaffo is the most sold double-layer cabin air filter with active carbons in Italy and in Europe, thanks to its advanced technological conception ( the active carbons mixture is covered by an international patent ) and its performance threshold, scientifically tested, able to retain all polluting substances caused by motor traffic ( cadmium, vanadium, benzene, lead ) as well as dust and pollen. The whole of these features, well-known and esteemed by all European motorists, make sure Zaffo being inimitable as its quality and efficiency.Aster Aster is a complete range of cabin air filters with active carbons, performing their cleaning action thanks to a patented formulation. These filters are realized with polyester fibre with acrylic resins, filled up with active carbons. White layers (containing resin) retain dust and pollen, black layers (containing active carbons) retain gases and other polluting substances suspended in the air entering the car passengers compartment. Filters have been tested by scientific institutes and have achieved high efficiency standard in pulling down cadmium, vanadium and lead, the main protagonist of air pollution that threaten human health, sapping circulatory and respiratory systems.Fasty The special paper with which the new range of cabin air filters Fasty is manufactured is of a new generation and allows a high performances use. This paper membrane is subjected to a particular pleating technique preventing polluting substances derived from motor traffic and dust or pollen to enter the car passengers compartment. The range, strengh point of each array of cabin filters developed by the company, is also for Fasty a factor of assured success. In fact more than 90% of circulating cars in Europe could have a cabin filter Fasty.Zero This cabin air filter has been given the name of Zero pollution to underline the significant performances that is able to achieve in pulling down polluting substances caused by motor traffic, as dust and pollen too. Zero pollution is the filter you were looking for to offer all your customers a real solution to the problem of car pollution. With Zero pollution each motorist could finally breathe clean air, protecting this way his health and his drive safety. Zero pollution has an easy and fast installation, while his strong frame is never attacked by atmospheric agents. Furthermore it is manufactured with high recyclable material.WithUProject Industrial department - third party production. AIR TOP ITALIA, trough its With.U Project division, is willing to manufacture, to the specific quality requirements of the customer, technological advanced cabin filters, characterised by a very large range, customising the brand and the packaging in conformity with the needs of the consumers.DISTRIBUTION In the course of the years, AIR TOP ITALIA has developed its areas of trading influence both in Italy and in Europe through a widespread network of reliable distributors. For non-European regions, America, Asia, Southeast Africa, the company makes use of direct importers’ action.

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