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Aceto Balsamico ( "Balsamic Vinegar" ) is a typical Modena speciality, with origins that are lost in the mists of time."Aceto Balsamico" was already known and prepared in the court of the dukes of Farnesi (1545-1731), but reached the peak of renown during the dukedom of the Estensi. Indeed when Francesco IV of Este, duke of Modena, wanted to give a precious gift to the Prince of Metternick in 1815, he presented him with the most precious product in his dukedom: Aceto Balsamico. The preparation of this special essence is deeply rooted in the culture and popular tradition of the area, as testified to by the many regular and essential operations in which it is decanted into fragrant wooden casks - procedures that have always marked the slow development of such arts, perfected and handed down across the generations. A boundless love of the land and deep - awareness of its secrets, acquired trough the dedication of entire generation, has brought precious gifts to humanity, none more perfect than Aceto Balsamico.

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Expert wine makers in the hills around Modena patiently follow the ancient secrets handed down by their fathers, knowing just when to stop the fermentation of the Lambrusco and white Trebbiano grape must, preventing all the sugars from being converted into alcohol and thus obtaining the special qualities of the balsam. With its intense bouquet and exquisite flavour a remedy that comfort palate and soul alike, expressing a wealth of tonalities, sensations and emotions in the deep space of a breath, Aceto Balsamico del Duca di Adriano Grosoli is perfect heir to this tradition. ...the art of pleasure for the art of life.This is the youngest kind of Balsamic Vinegar but it already posses the right flavour, somewhere between sweet and sour, which enables it to bring out every hidden taste from every kind of vegetable.This somewhat more aged Balsamic Vinegar is a basic element for refined cooking. Just a few drops will make any dish tastier and easier to digest. An elegantly packed article which makes a very pleasing gift or can add that special touch to your table. The charming exterior hides our high quality Balsamic Vinegar recommended for refined cuisine. A drop of Aceto Balsamico brings the senses a joyful awakening, quickening to meet the most genuine of flavours. Cubica This Balsamic Vinegar releases an unmistakable fragrance. During its prolonged aging period it has acquired a characteristic and exquisite flavour which makes it the perfect accompaniment for any kind of dish.

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