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Since the very beginning of 1900 the Bellei family have been jealously guarding their recipe for balsamic vinegar which they produced for their own use. In the last decade we have thought it was worth to bring our vinegar to light. We have therefore “enlarged” our production and we own now about 3.000 barrels of different sizes and types of wood, respecting the tradition and quality of our family. Our vinegar is produced according to the ancient tradition through a slow acetification of cooked grape must and wine vinegar, obtained from local selected grapes.

The Products

Balsamic vinegar is the result of a slow spontaneuous acetification of concentrated or cooked grape musts coming from local grapes; must cooking occurs through slow boiling until the must is concentrated in the required amount, from 30% to 70%, depending on the years, the sugar content of the grape used and on the vinegar-cellar management " policy". After these operations the balsamic vinegar is put into barrels made of valuable woods which give the product special properties. The barrels are round-shaped as only in this way the vinegar can stay in touch with the air and they generally have a rectangular hole in the middle allowing the product to be controlled. The climate, characterized by wide temperature ranges as well as by high humidity rate is mostly important for giving the balsamic vinegar its peculiar bouquet. The suitability for the product sale is subject by law to the organoleptic examination of the raw materials by the Fraud Repression Service of Modena and to the law parameters that the product must meet, besides the check by Balsamic Vinegar Protection Union, whose aim is to contribute to the development and the qualification of vinegar manufacturers.

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Bellei Company take advantage from all sales’ channels available. From retailers to importers and distributors, directly or trough the help of local salesmen.

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Wine vinegar and Balsamic vinegar

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