The Company

Thirty years of experience in spare parts for ceramic plants industry, has enabled ATM TRANSMISSIONS to satisfy their customers with a constantly expanding range of items.
ATM is always engaged about improving the quality of its products and very careful in  its care service. Today ATM is also addressed to other sectors: packaging, wine industry, wood industry, food, rollers conveyor systems etc., ensuring with its sales network, present in various countries, a professional, competent and efficent service in the orders processing.

The Products

Our standard production consists of:

 - Abrasive Flaps

- ATEX and anti-explosion motors

- Brushes

- Electric motors

- Loading – unloading rollers manufactured on customer design

- Mechanical Drives

- Mechanical variators

- Membrane Pumps

- Nozzles

- Plastic items for glazing lines

- Poliethilene guides

- Poliurethane self-welding belts

- Pulleys

- Pvc, polyurethane coatings  for loading/unloading rollers

- Rubber belts (trapezoidal and toothed)

- Rubber Materials

- Shafts

- Spindle shafts

- Springs and Bearings for kiln

- Stainless steel blades

- Steel and stainless steel profiles

- Worm Gearboxes

 Most of our standard products are always available  in our warehouses.

Sales Network

For information please contact:


Via San Paolo 27/31

41042 Fiorano Modenese (Mo)

Ph.+39 0536 815817

Fax +39 0536 815827

e-mail: info@atm-transmissions.com

Production Sector

Construction and civil engineering, ceramic and non-metallic products

Business activity

Ceramic tiles and related products

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