ZAGIB S.P.A. engineers, produces and sells plants to treat and pack waste paper, cardboards boxes, waste paper in general, fibres, plastic containers for liquids, plastic in general, solid domestic waste, and solid industrial waste.ZAGIB S.P.A. offers a wide range of products and a unique experience in projecting, developing and producing complete functional systems according to the real Customer's need.ZAGIB S.P.A. is present in the field of materials recovery since more than 30 years at national and international level. It manufactures plants that are time-tested from both points of view of technology and versatility according to the requirements of the recovery field.


Our main products:- automatic horizontal presses for waste paper, plastics, domestic and industrial waste, with output from 0'5 to 50 ton/hour- automatic press to pack wet pulp, half - chemical pulp, wood pulp and deinking pulp - chain conveyors P100, belt conveyors and PVC conveyors- rapid single - camshaft shredder for paper and cardboard boxes - output from 2 to 20 ton/hour- shredders for cheques and office records with variable size - output to 7 ton/hour- complete systems for sorting and evaluating waste paper, domestic and industrial waste, bulky waste, and building waste


Our technical support service is composed of several authorized workshop in order to guarantee quick assistance through qualified staff, constantly up-to-dated.




包装机械及其部件, 造纸机械,印刷机械及附件