In the early Thirties at Vignola, Ettore Sola took over a small plant which produced ice blocks and included a few cold storage rooms for conserving meat. In 1953 he established the "Sola Ettore & C." company and built one of the first industrial cold storage plants for seasoning salted meats and the refrigeration of fruit and vegetables. In the Sixties the plant doubled its original size with the construction of a new plant, entirely dedicated to fruit conservation, with the then innovative system of conservation in a controlled atmosphere. Little by little the plants have been increased and perfected until reaching the present size of 4 plants (68 cold storage rooms) over an area of 27,000 sq. m. The quality of the services offered by Sola Ettore & C. is guaranteed by its experience handed down from generation to generation for over 50 years and by the continual application of the most innovative technology. The respect for defined and proven qualitative standards has brought about the adoption of organising criteria, characterised by efficient operative and managerial flexibility. This has permitted the Quality System of Sola Ettore & C. to gain the Certification of Quality UNI EN ISO9002 (Certificate CSQA n° 170, Reg. IQ-NET n° IT-4811.). Gaining the Certificate represents an enormous satisfaction for Sola Ettore & C., but it is also a launching pad for the analysis, verification and improvement of its services.


REFRIGERATION - Normal atmosphere (0°) rooms: Sola Ettore & C. is equipped with efficient, modern, high powered refrigerating plants, capable of rapid refrigeration, expressly for large quantities of goods being sorted, for prolonged conservation of fruit in normal (0°C) and controlled atmospheres. - Controlled atmosphere rooms: Our cold storage rooms are ideal for the conservation of every type of fruit, thanks to the use of stringently controlled atmosphere. In fact, it is possible to delay the ripening process even up to several months by using a minimal amount of O2. - Ripening levels control: The constant and accurate control over the goods, i.e. temperature of the load, packing quality, ripening levels of fruit, permit us to inform the Client immediately of the characteristics of their product.SERVICES - Goods sorting bay: With its 12,000 sq. M. area, 3.000 of which are covered, the Sola Ettore & C. is excellent for sorting palletised goods. This service is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and includes weighting the loads on a weight-bridge, identification and informative listing for quick retrieval and D.D.T. or C.R.M emission. Other services available are the division and re-packing of the loads, the organisation of transport, including refrigerated goods, and the refrigeration of goods not sorted immediately. It is also possible to connect with the Internet on request to exchange data with head offices. - Post-harvest treatment: The Sola Ettore & C. has a long standing experience of post-harvest treatment of fruit. The use of authorised phyto-chemicals at a controlled dosage (to avoid any excess residuals), directly splashed onto to the palletised fruit using the Drencher system, allows a longer and better conservation of the fruit and preserves them from physiopathy and fungal diseases. - Ripening service: For many years now the Sola Ettore & C. company has offered its Clients a ripening service for fruit in specific rooms controlled by computer.


For informations: SOLA ETTORE & C. S.r.l. Legal office: Vicolo dell’Orto, 2 40124 Bologna Works: Via Doccia, 4 41058 Vignola (MO) Phone. 059-771039 Fax. 059-765474 E-mail: Http: