Societa’ Cooperativa Bilanciai have been designing and manufacturing weighing instruments and technology for over thirty years, presenting state-of-the-art solutions for all industrial weighing requirements: from road and rail weighbridges to production process control systems, from fully-integrated weight control systems to automatic weigh and label lines. Firmly established throughout Europe and currently consolidating its presence in North Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Asia, CB can guarantee a prompt and efficient after-sales service world-wide.The company, which boasts annual sales worth over 50 thousand million Italian lira and more than 200 employees, is based in a modern factory occupying an area of 20.000 m2 in Campogalliano, near Modena.


Weighbridges Available in a wide range of sizes and weighing capacities, in both pit-mounted and surface-mounted versions, with steel or concrete platforms.Equipped with IP67 stainless steel load cells manufactured directly by CB under the brandname EUROCELL.CB weighbridges can be used in conjunction with any of the terminals in the EVOLUZIONE 2000 series.Weighing systems for material handling equipment These systems do away with the need to move products to fixed locations for weighing, thereby rationalising weight control operations.Models include the PGE, equipped with a hook for application to overhead cranes, the PTE for application to the forks of lift trucks, and the PTM-M pallet truck for manual weighing.All models may also be equipped with a telemetry facility for radio transmission of weight data.Platform scales CB platform scales are equipped with IP67 load cells and are available in both paint finish and stainless steel versions, with weighing capacities from 6 to 10,000 kg.Single- and multi-range versions are available, and there is a vast range of optional accessories to choose from.All CB platform scales can be used in conjunction with the terminals of the Evoluzione 2000 series, which are available in standard or IP 65 stainless steel versionsWeighing kits for industrial systems When connected to CB terminals, GPA load cell weighing kits constitute a highly reliable system capable of meeting all industrial weighing requirements (concrete batching plants, animal feed plants, steelworks, etc.).Weigh and label lines Represent an effective solution to the problems related to the packaging and despatch of goods which require weighing and labelling.Manufactured by CB under the brand name BMR, these systems can produce labels of various types (product, carton, pallet labels) which can be personalised to suit the exact requirements of the user.Special process control systems For "Total Quality" production processes, CB offers extremely reliable weighing solutions with certified performance in accordance with OIML recommendationsOverhead track scales A vast range of products, designed and built to comply with the standards governing food industry equipment, for the automation of weighing operations during the receiving, processing and despatching of goods, with dedicatedsoftware allowing full integration of the weighing system with other control and production equipment.


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测量监控仪表, 工业天平及其部件