We, SISTEM, founded in 1978 by highly qualified people with proved experience in prefabrications, offer the staff of specialized technicians and workers in installation.


First Matter in Lamellar WoodThe timber in 38/44 mm. thickness and chosen under the regulations of DIN 4074, comes from the best accretion zone in north europe. The glues are synthetic resin which works at cold and is chemically neutral, in base of urea, formaldehyde and melamine.Work ProcessThe wood, selected qualitatively and dimensionally, is dried, headed, each head connected and planed on four faces. This way, lamellas obtain the lengths demanded from the drawings of production. The lamellas get layed under hydraulic press, later get passed under the gluing machine which spreads the glue on the upper face in every piece. It takes 12 hours to get the forms desired and to pass them to finishing department. In this stage the surface of the beams get varnished with preservative products which guarantee the absolute inpregnability against insects, fungus, atmospheric factors and corrosive chemicals. The effects of resistance to compression(140Kg/cm2) are definitely superior to those of reinforced concrete. The load-bearing wooden structure avoids thermic bridges, eliminates condensate phenomenon and offers an elevated non-conductivity. Therefore, the lamella wood can be considered ideal for every occasion including roofs of the places for performances, sports matches, etc.., with higher level of security.


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