Orizzonte Srl, established in 1980, has poured the experience accumulated in producing and reconditioning moulds and spare parts for ceramic presses also in the technology applied to vitrified ceramic stoneware. Thanks to his staff and to an area of 3500 mq, of which 1800 m2 are covered, equipped with the most modern technologies, meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.In 1997 Orizzonte has attained a very important aim: "ISO 9001 Certification". The first among the companies in moulds for tile industries field, thank to this certification is able to offer to its customers a greatest service in the quality of the supplied product.


Orizzonte Srl has made oneself known in the field with highly innovating moulds production in particular with particulate attention to the ceramic granite production with big sizes moulds.The production range of Orizzonte includes: 1.Soft transfer moulds. These allow making the tiles with the brick portion on the bottom, consequently it is not necessary to turn them over. This eliminates the surface rubbing. 2.Traditional moulds. punch moulds are the most popular category. They are normally supplied with a magnetic punch attachment. (With mechanical quick couplings on request). 3.Isostatic punches. This new type of punch allows manufacturing tile with particularly sound geometric features. 4.Structured punches. This coating does away with systemetically washing the punches and allows making surfaces of a structured or decorated type.


For further information contact: Orizzonte S.r.l. Via Monchio, 7 41049 FIORANO MODENESE (MO) Tel. (0536) 91.08.30 - Fax (0536) 91.08.32 Email: info@orizzonte.com




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