OPOCRIN S.p.A. was formed in 1964 in Corlo di Formigine (Modena). It is specialised in research and production of active principles from animal organs and tissues for pharmaceutical use. OPOCRIN carries on its manufacturing activity within the Italian plants in Corlo di Formigine and Nonantola (Modena). Headquarters are located in Corlo. OPOCRIN is present on the most important markets thanks to its staff and to an efficient network of local co-operators.


HeparinsHeparin is a life-saving drug having anticoagulant and antithrombotic activity. It is utilised in the treatment of phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, embolism, myocardial infarction. It is utilised also in dialysis. Low-molecular-weight heparin (LMW-H) has a more limited anticoagulant activity, but it demonstrates a greater antithrombotic effect than the starting heparin with lower side-effects. OP2000, a new heparin fragment, is utilised in the treatment of the pre-infarct angina; besides it is under clinical trials for the treatment of the inflammatory bowel disease.Other active principlesCatalase is an enzyme which demonstrates an high healing activity. It is used in the treatment of wounds, burns, ulcers, sores.Surfactant is a life-saving drug used for premature infants affected by Respiratory Distress Syndrome.Collagen is a substance for topical use having a strong hemostatic activity and an important factor of tissue reparation. It is used in surgery, in dermatology and in the dental field.Dermatansulfate is an efficacious antithrombotic substance having no hemorrhagic side effect. It is utilised in the treatment of venous thrombotic diseases.


OPOCRIN draws upon an international network of esteemed and acclaimed experts that facilitate the diversity of its products, projects and approvals with pharmaceutical companies and Health Authorities throughout the world. As a result of the prestige and professionalism of its external colleagues and collaborators, OPOCRIN's enjoys a highly significant and respected position in both scientific and commercial global communities.