Our company was founded in 1959 on intuition of ERMANNO ZAGNI and ENOS FERRARI who after several years of working as mechanics for Ferrari invested their valuable experience gained in the automotive sector. This considerable expertise at first translated into the company FERRARI & ZAGNI and over the years was handed down to become today’s NUOVA FERRARI & ZAGNI SRL, expertly run by the son of the original founder LUIGI ZAGNI and by his grandchildren. They developed and modernised the company, equipping it with particularly efficient machinery. NUOVA FERRARI & ZAGNI SRL today stands out for its expertise, quality and professionalism in the wake of tradition. The company is a member of FIR (Italian Grinder Federation), which has always been synonymous with innovation and reliability in the sector.


NUOVA FERRARI & ZAGNI SRL prevalently deals in GRINDING, ROTATION and REGENERATION of engines of any type for both the civil and the industrial sector. It is capable of efficiently operating on all types of engine from scooters to modern and historical cars, from lift trucks to tractors to trucks, from boats to positioned industrial engines. By way of example, below are only some of the operations we carry out: - Grinding of engine cylinders, lapping of cylinders and compressors for machine tools. - Grinding of engine cylinder heads with hydraulic leak tests, flattening, guide and seat replacement. - Grinding of engine shafts, straightening, metalloscopic examination. - Engine block overhaul with cylinder grinding and relative flattening and hydraulic testing. - Grinding of cylinder liner surfaces and housings. From a sustainability point of view, ECOSUSTAINABLE also means regenerating what you have. NUOVA FERRARI & ZAGNI also provides a balancing service for transmissions, impellers, lift trucks for ceramics, and rotors for electric motors. The CEMB balancing machine used operates at a speed of up to 10,000 rpm for a maximum capacity of 2000 kg, and it prints out a balancing report after each operation. Thanks to our specialised staff, we also provide WIRE, TIG and MIG WELDING as well as special machining operations such as TURNING and MILLING. NUOVA FERRARI & ZAGNI also operates in the TURBOSUPERCHARGER field and has equipped a specific area for turbosupercharged engines where meticulous testing of the turbosupercharged systems is carried out. The company offers NEW AND REGENERATED TURBINES (it is in any case able to quickly respond to any requirement). Finally, NUOVA FERRARI & ZAGNI also provides a car spare parts service and its recently built warehouse can satisfy even the most demanding requirements.


Nuova Ferrari & Zagni srl Via San Giacianto, 29/35 41042 Fiorano Modenese ( MO) TEL 0536.802092 FAX 0536.807058


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