In our country houses foods and spices were stored in the cupboard. We, children, were not allowed to open it. Grandmother, also called "rezdora" according to our regional dialect, was the guardian of the cupboard, but she was always ready to offer sons and grandsons a slice of her cake, sugar sweets or a piece of gnocco fritto (fried dough). This is how the traditional, simple and genuine recipes of our country has been handed down over the years. After about 30 years, this memory is still strong in our hearts as well as the longing for good tastes to be kept alive. Our produces are the fruit of our country tradition handed down over generations.


With its produces, MUSSINI suggests the joy of living typical of Italian people, originating from the passion for "excellent cooking". This means being able to match tastes and rich aromas with genuineness and tradition, just as according the typical "diet based on Mediterranean produces".


All over the world, Modena is known as a land rich in history, culture, art and marvellous cars … and good cooking, too. Our country is featured by wide and fertile plains where vineyards for local Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes are grown. Our produce par excellence is Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, renowned and appreciated all over the world thanks to its inimitable features.