Ever since 1973, Fritta has specialised in the manufacture and commercialisation of frits, enamels and colours for ceramics. The company’s central facility is located at Onda (Castellón, Spain), the nucleus of Valencia’s finest ceramics tradition. Fritta’s inspiration springs from this traditional background which we reinvent on a daily basis, motivated by the innovative impetus of the Spanish autonomous region that in recent years has become a symbol of modernity and design: the Valencian Community. To guarantee our accessibility to overseas markets and thus ensure the best possible service to our international customers, Fritta has opened production subsidiaries in Italy, Brazil, Portugal and Indonesia, as well as technical departments in Argentina, Morocco, Russia and Vietnam. From these strategic locations, Fritta is able to provide technical services to its customers throughout the world.


Fritta started off as a factory manufacturing special frits with high added value. Subsequently, as a result of the technological leap that single firing brought to the ceramics sector, it started manufacturing frits for mass consumption while maintaining its line of special frits and those destined for double firing processes.


Today, we export 60% of production to over 20 countries around the world, commercialising the remaining 40% on the Spanish market. Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, China and Vietnam are some of the main destinations of Fritta products.




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