The Fiori company was born on December, 1942, thanks to Mr. Fioravante Malavolta, to produce machines suitable for building industry and winter roading. From the mid 40’s to the mid 60’s Fiori specialized as a manufacturer of means of transport for building sites (dump bodies, cranes self-loading lorries), and in 1956 the firm introduced, for the first time on the italian market, its forte: the double driving wheel dumer, which became the milestone of a long and successful series of small, specialized, cheap and multipurpose means of transport. The production of vehicles for winter roading also contributed in those das to the success of the Fiori brand. Such items being namely: snowplows, salt spreaders and the first Italian small trached vehicles or snowcats. Dumpers gained remarkable success especially as a means of transport for concrete, which then led to a further development of the machine in 1965, when the self-loading mixer was first created. The mixer was a completely Italian product whereby Fiori proved its great innovative ability and professionalism. Not only did Fiori become one of the leading companies on the Italian market, but during the 60’s it also entered foreign markets: in Europe-France and England and during the 70’s in the Middle East-Iran-Venezuela and Singapore. Fiori substantially renewed the mixer line and in 1986 introduced a new line of earthmoving machines: articulated backhoe-loaders.


Fiori production includes 4 product lines: worksite machinery - dumper trucks and self-loading cement mixers and earthmoving machinery - wheel loaders and articulated loading shovels.Self-loading cement mixers: Fiori presents the most complete range available on the market; 7 models with concrete production between 1.5 and 4 cubic metres, all with hydrostatic transmission, oil-bath disk brakes, 35 kW (48 HP) to 80 kW (109 HP) engines, all with 4 steering wheels, except the model DB150 which is articulated, and 4WD.Worksite dumper trucks with a capacity up to 2500 kg. able to contain up to 1.5 cubic metres full, 20 kW (27 HP) engine, articulated chassis, oil-bath disc brakes. Fiori has recently developed a range of dumpers for large worksites, specially suited for working in tunnels, with capacities between 4 and 9 tonnes, able to contain between 2.4 and 5 cubic metres (full), 4WD. Latest development: hydrostatic dumpersWheel loaders: the TA450 and TA700 models feature 36 and 47 kW engines, hydrostatic transmission and digging depths up to 3.6 metres.Loaders: the AL series comprises 2 models from 43 kW to 47 kW with hydrostatic transmission and shovel capacity from 600 to 720 litres.The EURODIG brand has recently been purchased for the production of mini-excavators, mini-shovels and mini-conveyors.


Our agents and concessionaries net is present in Italy and in the main world conutries.