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Fryers - Pom'chef is a professional counter top fryer that doesn't only make chips! In fact, it's outstanding feature is its capacity for rapid alternation of an incredible variety of mouthwatering snacks: fish or chicken in batter, vegetables in batter, spring pancake rolls, croquettes, breaded scampi, fruit fritters & c. Pom'chef is constructed in steel throughout and is equipped with an air purifier that completely eliminates all fumes and cooking vapors. - The Dora is a professional counter-top fryer for restaurants, pubs, pizzerias, kiosks and travelling commercial food vans. It operates without the food having to be looked at. Simply set the required time and, as soon as the food is ready, it comes out by itself. The Dora fryer can fry 600 gr of french fries at a time. The Dora fryer can also cook any other type of product suitable for frying. The machine is completely sealed and blows off fumes and steam through a flexible hose to be connected to a hood, or directly in the atmosphere.Pasta cookers - Pastachef is the new model counter-top pasta cooker for preparing exquisite Italian pasta without the need of a kitchen or of a hood. Pastachef is suitable for all kinds of pasta: dry, fresh or frozen. The ample baskets, each of which can contain a double portion, allow for a high rate of productivity and the convenient built-in sauce heater makes sure that the sauce is always ready and at the right temperature. For ease of cleaning and maximum hygiene all parts in contact with food are quick to remove. Two models: PL6 with sauce heater incorporated and PL7 without sauce heater. The Sauceheater can be supplied separately. - Pasta pronta is the new model counter-top pasta cooker for preparing exquisite Italian pasta with "restaurant quality" without the need of a kitchen or of a hood and with a minimum space. PASTA PRONTA is suitable for all kinds of pasta: dry, fresh or frozen. Its 4 baskets, automatically lift, allow for a high rate of productivity. The convenient built-in sauce heater makes sure that the four different kinds of sauces are always ready at the right temperature. For easy of cleaning and maximum hygiene all parts in contact with food are quick to remove.Easy pasta: It's quick! It's the pasta-heater that prepares hot steaming dishes in no time at all, on order. It's practical! Place individual servings of precooked, frozen pasta in the basket and put in the water. It's easy! The cooking is always perfect because the electronic timer tells you when the pasta is ready. It's Versatile! It can prepare 3 different kinds of pasta simultaneously so as to meet the taste of all customers. It's heavy-duty! It can prepare portion after portion, working continuously to meet the demands of the rush hour.Display cabinets and oven The elegant, classical styling will attract custom thus giving the opportunity to boost the trade. Well presented refreshments are the key to successful business. The oven and the hot food dispensers of the TUDOR series offer fast meals in the guise of traditional fare with every snack served at the right temperature. The steamtight oven is designed for foods with high moisture content such as the ever-popular English baked potatoes but the temperature settings up to 300°C make it ideal for baking any kind of food of for quick toasting of filled rolls or as well for quick warming of pizzas. The hot food merchandiser, with all the compartments well-lit, is sturdily constructed. The interior is in stainless steel, the glass toughened and the exterior is enamelled in different colours with the trim in solid brass. The hot food merchandiser is available in the! "Hot Food" model with three compartments, in the "Pizza" model with four compartments and humidifier and in the "Cold Food" model which is refrigerated. The traditional styling incorporates up-to-date technology in a range designed by a company renowned for the quality of its products.Ovens - Also fresh pizza... and not only pizza! PIZZACHEF is a small professional oven which cooks excellently all types of pizza, fresh or frozen. And not only pizza. The oven reaches 395 °C and heats from both above and below the surface in fi restone. The digital electronics ensure precise control of both temperature and time. PIZZACHEF is available in single and double versions, with or without the incorporated extractor hood. The convenient glass doors enable the checking of the state of cooking at all times. And the glass doesn’t burn!Girabruschetta: What is more appetizing than a "bruschetta"?, that is toasted Tuscan bread flavoured with garlic and olive oil? Crisps, tasty and tempting... one piece leads to another and the table guests make merry. The "bruschetta" is just the thing for pubs catering snacks without having a kitchen available. The Girabruschetta is an oven designed for quick preparation of a perfect "bruschetta". Attractive, practical, available in stainless steel or enameled in green, red and black and other colors on request. The Girabruschetta is equipped with two rotating cooking grills and a switch to cook on a single grill or both. The stainless steel bred grid can be placed on the oven itself.


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