EDILTEC®, leading manufacturer and distributor of insulating materials, has been working in the field of thermal insulation for over ten years. In Italy, its offices are in Modena, its factory and warehouse in Masi San Giacomo (FERRARA) and it is connected to the DECEM® factory in the Abruzzo region, where X-FOAM® expanded polystyrene is produced and to ALGOR, company that has specialised in the production of sandwich panels. In 2002 EDILTEC® established a company in Spain (Catalonia) for the distribution of its range of thermal insulation products within the Spanish market. EDILTEC® is current the company with the widest range possible of thermal insulation products, to fulfil the most diverse insulating requirements in the field of residential building and in many others. QUALITY CERTIFICATION Quality is one of the main objectives of EDILTEC®. For this reason, it is the first Italian manufacturer of polyurethane insulating products to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9002 quality certificate.


The range of EDILTEC® products goes from PUR and PIR polyurethane foam panels (the products with the best value 1 currently available) to extruded polystyrene. Besides these EDILTEC® has developed an entire range of prefabricated items made of polyurethane or expanded polystyrene. EDILTEC® is also leader in the field of spray polyurethane foam with the EDILPUR® range. RANGE OF PRODUCTS: POLIISO®: PIR insulating panels COREDIL®: Insulating panels made of expanded polyurethane EDILPUR®: Spray polyurethane foam products SOFTEC®: Spray polyurethane foam products for acoustic insulation GIBITEC®: Panels made of insulating material / plasterboard X-FOAM®: Insulating sheets made of extruded polystyrene SPECIAL PRODUCTS: X-FOAM® sheets with special treatments PREFABRICATED PANELS: Prefabricated products and accessories


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