Since 1993 Discovery has been the Italian agent for the ceramic field of calcined and hydrate aluminas produced in the hungarian plant of Ajka, that belongs to Mal group. At present it is the main supplier of aluminas for the body of white gres porcellanato in Sassuolo area. While keeping the alumina for the body as leader product, Discovery has been trading other materials since 1996, such as corundum, caolins, flint stone pebbles, special oxides and rare earths. Discovery has three warehouses to stock its products and through which it guarantees sharp and punctual deliveries, also abroad ( Spain, Turky, France, Bulgaria) where it deals with several customers in the ceramic field. Discovery’ suppliers are certified ISO and therefore can provide a constant quality and good service to the customers. Over the last period, Discovery has been able to get other agencies in new fields and has began to supply the industries of rubber and cosmetics and for the production of cements and stuccoes.


Discovery is the Italian agent for the Hungarian Group MAL in the ceramic field: it deals with calcined aluminas for the body of white gres porcellanato; calcined aluminas for fusion (frits for paint factories) and ceramic glaze and micronized aluminas for serigraphy; calcined aluminas for ceramic grinding balls; calcined aluminas and aluminium hydroxides for ceramic dyes and wet aluminium hydroxide. I deals with zirconium alluminate (which is an electrofused spinel that gives hardness to the ceramic glaze);white corundums; calcined caolin; micronised wollastonites; magnesite for “engobbi”; flint stone pebbles. It provides a wide range of rare earths and oxides for ceramic paint factories as white cerium oxide for serigraphy; yellow cerium oxide for fusion/dyes; tungsten oxide for shining lustres and colours; molybdenum trioxide; red and black iron oxide also micronized; manganese dioxide; natural zirconium oxide; yttrium, lanthanum e neodymium.


For further information please contact Mr Barbieri Alessandro or Mr Barbieri Giuseppe