History: Dispensa del Begarelli S.r.l was established by the President of the Agorà 2000 SPA Group, Commendatore Leo Lucchini, who together with his grandson Lorenzo Lucchini, decided to present to a selected and refined gourmet customer base a series of exquisite food products such as balsamic vinegar “Casa Lucchini”. One of Comm. Lucchini's keenest interests in fact is looking after a vinegar cellar set up over a century ago in which a much-appreciated superior balsamic vinegar is made. The loving care which Comm. Lucchini has for this product has also resulted in his editing a book of recipes experimented by him at home and for his guests.Corporate purpose: The company's main purpose is the marketing of high-bracket traditional food products under its own “Dispensa Begarelli” label. Other traditional products, apart from balsamic vinegar, such as for example sauces and parmigiano reggiano etc., are also carefully selected by the company which, through sensorial product tests and relevant sales surveys, seeks out both partner Companies able to cater for the needs of even the most discerning palates and other top-quality products. The first thing the company did was to set up a platform of products tied to the traditional wine&food sector in our region. This was then extended to include other Italian regional products. All these products, after being chosen for their one-of-a-kind characteristics, are marketed through small and large-scale distribution channels. Special focus is placed on communication which, together with product quality, ensures our label is associated with exclusive excellent-quantity products.Mission: Our strong point……… is our love for good things.


PRODUCTSTraditional DOP Modena balsamic vinegar aged 12/25/50 years Modena balsamic vinegar Cream of Balsamic Vinegar Home-made honey (in this period, acacia honey) Ground coffee vacuum packed in tins Dry confectionery (Biscuits, Amaretti di Modena, Cakes) Lambrusco di Sorbara dry Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro Suave Prosecco del Veneto Nocino di Modena Limoncino Sassolino (White aniseed liqueur) Prugnolino (liqueur/sloe berry tea) Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil Parmigiano reggiano (normal and extra-mature) Charcuterie (Prosciutto di Parma/Modena, Culatello, Zampone, Cotechino) Fresh pasta (Tortellini di Modena, Tortelloni, ravioli, maccheroni al pettine) Home-made Mostarda di CremonaWe have also added to our range a series of gourmet products such as: Goose and duck Foie Gras, dressed goose and duck products, top-quality beef carpaccio, smoked salmon and swordfish, Iranian caviar.


Dispensa del Begarelli Srl Via Emilia Ovest, 133/A 41013 Castelfranco Emilia (Mo) Tel. 059 921290 Fax 059 921698 e-mail: info@begarelli.com www.begarelli.com




香醋和葡萄醋, 咖啡粉, 香肠,火腿及类似产品, 葡萄酒, 奶酪和其它乳制品