DINI ARGEO S.r.l. is a leader in the production of scales and weighing systems – for commercial purposes – up to the construction of components for wide-scale industrial metering plant. The company, a metric manufacturer from 1906, designs, manufactures and sells components and weighing systems that can actually fulfil the necessities of each specific work environment. The experience, acquired in first-rate Italian and foreign realities, allows the company to develop versatile mechanical, electronic and computerised solutions, adaptable to different fields of use. Apart from being expandable and interfaceable with different communication standards, these systems have a simple mechanical construction and feature accessories that make use extremely simple. The strategy of the company is based on the optimisation of Customer Services with the conviction that these are an integral part of the product. Under this assumption and with the cooperation of its partners, Dini Argeo can supply all the competences and professional skills needed to develop the right solution, namely instruments with the right size and characteristics for the environment in which they will be used to get the best results with the lowest investment. The company, based in Spezzano di Fiorano Modenese (MODENA), extends over a covered surface of approximately 3000 square metres. It has 40 employees divided amongst the various offices (accounting, marketing, R&D, software, production, logistics, technical support and metrology). The quality system of Dini Argeo is approved by the Chamber of Commerce and complies with the ISO 9001 standard. This approval is of essential importance since it enables the company to check its scales and weighing systems independently, on a self-certification basis. Each product is hence developed on the basis of a written order and detailed drawings. Each instrument is tested by a technician, matriculated and registered in a computerised file, along with the data identifying the testing technician, order number and end user. Constant investments in human resources and in the R&D sector enable the company to design new products and create dedicated software extending the possible range of uses. The R&D department can count on the work of expert designers and qualified engineers capable of keeping the design standards constantly updated on the basis of technological evolution and market requirements. The company’s organisation ensures effective order management and control over shipment schedules for timely shipping. The company keeps stocks of the most common products, which are therefore ready to deliver. Customised products are generally available at 2 or 3 weeks from the date of the order.


PRODUCTS Industrial Scales In-motion Weighing Indicators Microcontrollers/Transmitters Accessories and instruments Weighing Modules Software Load CellsUSES Counting Pricing/Labelling Statistics/Quality Control Batching Truck/Vehicle Weighing


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