Manufacturing and automation systems represent a crucial instrument for taking up the challenge of production flexibility and efficiency. Access to these technologies is often difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises, because it requires specific technological know-how and calls for global innovation in terms of production, organisation and company strategies. The aim of DemoCenter® is to provide Emilia Romagna companies, especially the small and medium-sized ones with all the instruments for overcoming these difficulties, placing at disposal the technical backing and know-how to use such innovation to the best advantage.


Over the years, DemoCenter® has extended its range of action to other technologies related to production systems, such as telematic and information technology systems or technologies for the rapid production of industrial prototypes. Its activities have witnessed the growing involvement of Italian and international technical-scientific partners. The DemoCenter® approach is based on the concept of integration. The automation has to successfully integrate with traditional machinery and with the company’s computer system; it must fit in with the organisation setup and business strategies; it must be able to create a new way of planning and managing production. What DemoCenter® offers companies is not only solid technological experience, but a global culture of manufacturing systems in all their aspects, including information technology and telematic integration. The tools, the projects and the services offered by the Centre are the result of an ongoing analysis of the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and have therefore developed over the years in answer to the requirements that have come to light. Today DemoCenter® activities are split into closely integrated lines of action: demonstration, training, innovation, laboratories, services.


DemoCenter Viale Virgilio, 55 41100 ModenaBy car, just 500 m from the MODENA NORD exit By plane, 30 km from BOLOGNA AIRPORT. By train, 3 km from MODENA RAILWAY STATION. Buses no.9 and 19, ZONA BRUCIATA bus-stop.


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