Demaria was established in 1972 as a family-run artisan company operating in the field of poultry and rabbit butchering, before assuming its current organisation in 1989 and becoming Demaria S.R.L. thanks to the arrival of the current management. It is important to underscore that Demaria was established and has always developed as a family concern, a crucial feature to ensure utmost commitment and maximum integrity in an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation between workers. With a constantly keen eye kept on the evolution of new markets and the demands of its customers, Demaria has developed a series of innovative oven-ready poultry and rabbit dishes. The company also markets and processes beef, pork and mutton, both fresh and frozen; an entire line of fresh, frozen and seasoned game; frozen and deep-frozen vegetables and fish products and, last but not least, organically-grown products. All important for Demaria is respect for tradition. Today more than ever in fact, we must fight to ensure that old wisdom is not lost or, even worse, is replaced by new methods that provide speed and savings, but leave aside quality. In accordance with traditions, the animals live in spacious environments, without forced ventilation, with natural sunlight, a low farming density and, above all, with a healthy diet that excludes the addition of meals of animal origin; Demaria can boast the cooperation of selected farmers who must comply with stringent and rigorous requirements as well as precise specifications. The choice of this company policy is not the result of recent events tied to the consumption of meat-based meals, but a precise company policy adopted years ago when similar scares were unknown.


POULTRY PRODUCTS: Butchered, Cut, Prepared RABBIT: Butchered, Cut, Prepared EGGS: Fresh, Pasteurised PORK PRODUCTS: Fresh: Cut, Cured, 4th processing: Sausages, Frozen, Deep-Frozen BEEF PRODUCTS: Fresh: Cut, Cured, 4th processing: Sausages, Frozen, Deep-Frozen MUTTON PRODUCTS: Fresh: Cut, Cured, 4th processing, Frozen, Deep-Frozen GAME: Fresh: Cut, Seasoned, 4th processing, Frozen, Deep-Frozen VEGETABLES: Deep-frozen FISH PRODUCTS: Fresh, Frozen, Deep-Frozen ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Fresh, Cured, 4th processing, Frozen, Deep-Frozen


Demaria operates within Italy and mainly in the Emilia Romagna region. It has a well-organised distribution network. Demaria has its own means of transport and also uses those of specific road haulage companies to ensure extra convenience for customers who, alternatively, can decide to collect their goods directly from the production facility.For information: DEMARIA S.R.L. 41014 Castelvetro (Modena) - Italy Via Sinistra Guerro n. 71 Tel: 059-790.239 - 059-799.550 (4 linee r.a.) Fax: 059-790.732 Web: - E-mail: