C.R.G. S.R.L.


C.R.G. is on the international market since 20 years. Our company produce furniture and mirror for bathroom quality goods for middle-high market. Our customers, apart from appreciate the exclusive design of models, recognize us the materials’ selection, the trust along the time and all proposed services. Recently our production has been expanded with industrial machinery of last generation, which allow to produce very good bathroom accessories in brass.


Lacquered bathroom furnitures in medium density;wooden furnitures; structured furnitures of light cement for bathroom and kitchen for tiling; mirror in cut glass, engraved, decorated, bounded, classic and modern with lighting below the norm CEE and certification ISO 9000. Accessories in brass tube chromed or lacquered with supports in full polished brass.


C.R.G. sale network is supported from area agents. All direct request or by agent are managed from the commercial direction through some executives, who support the agent or substitute him on the uncovered areas.




家具和各种陈设,产品陈列架, 卫生用品和浴室用具