COEM S.p.A. has specialised for many years in the manufacture and distribution of ceramic floor and wall tiles. With its two brand names (COEM and Ceramica Fioranese) and its two production plants, the company has remained in step with technological developments and the demands of an increasingly more discerning market and currently offers a broad range of ceramic products: - Traditional and white-body double-firing, Smaltoporcellana and Porcelain Stoneware for Ceramica Fioranese - Porcelain Stoneware, Smaltoporcellana and Single Pressing tiles for COEMTHE ROTEGLIA FACILITY Unglazed Porcelain Stoneware and Single Pressing tiles are made in our Roteglia (RE) facility, where the entire production process is electronically controlled, from the raw material storage warehouse to the finished-product warehouse. Besides producing finished products, the facility also makes the semi-finished product used for the production of double firing. In an attempt to regularly upgrade the quality of the products offered, since last year, Ceramiche Coem has also been making white body support, used to produce top-quality double-fired tiles.THE FIORANO FACILITY Glazed Porcelain Stoneware or Smaltoporcellana is made in the Fiorano facility. A long glazing line permits using cutting-edge technologies but also combining numerous glaze application types. Sugar-candy effects alternate with rustic and decisive surfaces: the quest for new applications and special effects is constantly pursued by the Fiorano workshop.


CERAMICHE COEM PRODUCT TYPESPORCELAIN STONEWARE Produced from a mix of natural and pure raw materials. Each square metre of Coem porcelain stoneware is fully monitored and produced in the Roteglia facility: from storage to atomisation of the raw materials, from sintering (firing at very high temperature) to scrupulous electronic sorting. The production cycle is fully computerised and controlled by experts, people with a detailed knowledge of ceramic production. Coem porcelain stoneware combines technology and aesthetics in a single product that is ideal for any type of use.SMALTOPORCELLANA The result of traditional Coem research into extra thick glazes and hi-tech supports, this product line is a synthesis of experience and technological innovation. Porcelain stoneware supports do not alter over time and last for years (sintered at 1200° and technologically in the forefront). They are also very strong. Smaltoporcellana® permits enhancing and customising interiors thanks to its keen aesthetic features and the broad range of available colours, sizes and decorations. This product is ideal for homes and also perfect for public premises with a sharp personality.SINGLE PRESSING TILES First launched on the market in the 80s, this product is a great and exclusive Coem success. It is made using sophisticated technologies by means of a dry "double loading" process using atomised porcelain stoneware body and an atomised mix of extra thick ceramic glazes. Coem Single Pressing tiles resist frost, loads and bad treatment, they are non-absorbent and easy to clean. Ideal for heavy-duty use in public premises. The most rational choice in terms of affordability, good looks and practicality.CERAMICA FIORANESE PRODUCT TYPESSMALTOPORCELLANA Smaltoporcellana® is a line of products developed by Ceramica Fioranese to cater for the increasing market demand for quality. It is the result of ongoing research aimed at finding a product which is a perfect combination of technology and good looks. That is how Ceramica Fioranese had the idea of combining a porcelain stoneware support distinguished by excellent physical-mechanical features, unalterability and long life with extra strong glazes sintered at 1200° and applied using innovative technologies able to convey surprising aesthetic features to the tiles. The quality-beauty binomial is achieved in Smaltoporcellana®, making this line suitable for use in both public premises and homes.SINGLE-FIRED PRODUCTS Ceramica Fioranese single-fired products are made of atomised white body fired at high temperature. Special attention is given to the choice of raw materials and to the production process, which is constantly monitored using cutting-edge technologies. The high permeation between glaze and support makes Ceramica Fioranese single firing a line of products specific for home floors.DOUBLE-FIRED PRODUCTS This type of product is made specifically by Ceramica Fioranese for wall tiling. Manufactured using the most modern glazing techniques, both on traditional smooth support and on rapid support, it maintains its exclusive features unaltered - brightness, glaze transparency and all the smoothness of traditional double-firing. The covering with White Body support represents, among Ceramica Fioranese products, a perfect combination of experience of tradition and cutting-edge technology. The purity of the body is synonymous with prized and selected raw materials which, once atomised and pressed, give life to a compact and uniform superior-quality body. Thanks to the white body support, it is possible to achieve the very best glaze colour yields, which stand out in terms of brightness and transparency. The background colours, the sizes and the decorations have been conceived to obtain multiple colour and installation solutions, making the series manufactured with this support a potential furnishing tool.PORCELAIN STONEWARE Unglazed porcelain stoneware products are the strongest products produced so far by ceramic technology. Only highly selected raw materials and hi-tech production processes are used to obtain ceramic surfaces that never change with the passing of time and are ideal for extreme uses in any environmental and weather condition.


FIORANO FACILITY Via Cameazzo, 25 41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO) - Italy Sales Offices and Showroom Tel: +39 0536 993511 Fax Italia Fioranese: +39 0536 993556 Fax Italia Coem: +39 0536 993588 Fax Export Dpt.: +39 0536 832611 e-mail:, coem@coem.itROTEGLIA FACILITY Via Stradone Secchia, 32 42010 Roteglia di Castellarano (RE) - Italy Administrative Offices Tel: +39 0536 993111 Fax: +39 0536 993248 e-mail:,




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